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Hehe "Milford Cubicle"
The BBQ guy's name is actually Harry, if you zoom in on his name tag.

Haha, Looked Like Fun

Made me want to be a submitted file :)

Music was great, in my opinion.
Good grafix and good style.

It sucked

There is parodying and there is making fun of. Do not make fun of others hard work. Logo works hard to produce a funny flash every week for the people at Newgrounds. A funny flash does not have to be well animated to be funny. Do NOT make fun of Logo and the Toof series. He does admit that it doesn't have a lot of animation and uses the same characters all the time. That was not a parody.

And one more thing.
Don't ever say I sound gay.
Just because I'm a lot younger than you doesn't mean I'm gay.
I should report you I'm so angry



ThreeStar responds:

I think you're being just a tiny bit hypocritical here. I worked just as hard [if not harder] on my parody as Logo worked on his last movie. If you think that's unfair, you don't belong on Newgrounds. Get used to it. This is how Newgrounds works.

"Just because I'm a lot younger than you doesn't mean I'm gay."

Did I say that? I don't remember ever calling you gay. What spurred that? ;/

"I should report you I'm so angry"

Report me for WHAT? Sorry for upsetting you, dude! Don't take stuff so seriously! This whole review was a little bit ridiculous. I think you need to learn how to just sit back and make fun of stuff once in a while.


PS: Why did you send this to me as a PM and a review?

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Should've added "BOB SAGET"

BOB SAGET would've been funny on there.

I'm gonna prank my friend tomorrow.

Great Job!

The pool was smooth, and fun to play. The only thing you need to fix is the pool cue being so sensitive. When you go to shoot, it flies around easily.
Other than that it was great!


During when the boss is throwing the barrels, shoot his groin area, and the tank that says "Flammable" behind him. When he's done throwing the barrels, shoot his eyes to make him close them until he gets to the barrels again.

Hope I helped!

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Great For Guitar Hero!!

Would be great for guitar hero!
10 stars!

Hey convert it to OGG then send it to me. I'll put it in Frets on Fire, the PC version of Guitar Hero.

BazookaZombie responds:

OGG? idk if i have that.

Great Job!

Hey, great piece you have here. Me, being an avid piano player, loved the beginning piano.
It sounds like that song on the Kay Jewlers commercial (if you've seen it you know what I'm talking about)

P.S: Tomorrows my b-day so I'll be gettin FL Studio! We can collab sometime!
I've added u on my AIM buddy list.
My screenname is : ToxicKlay

x-Exodus-X responds:

lol, i've never seen that commercial. interesting analagoy though! i'll add you right now, a collab would be fun! Thanks for the review!

Great Job....

Nice Tune....I'm gonna get that full quality one way or another.
if you could, can you tell me the notes that you play to get that melody? It would be sick if I could play that on the piano!
And also:
Would you mind very much if you checked out my songs Great to Be Back (both, original and mix)?
Thanks much,

x-Exodus-X responds:

thanks for all the compliments! unfortunatley, i didnt compose this myself, if you didnt know that already. but i will do everything you requested! i sent you the full quality version and the notes already, and im on my way to review your song right now!

Yeah, I like animation and I will try to NEVER copy Knox. I make audio and will make a loop for anybody who wants one!

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